Park Holm, Phase 2

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A continuation of Davis Square Architects’ partnership with the Newport Housing Authority, Park Holm Phase 2 is an exciting new feature of the existing Park Holm campus. Formerly occupied by a number of buildings in poor condition, the site was demolished to pave the way for 10 new six-unit buildings with all new site landscaping and infrastructure. Site upgrades include new parking areas, landscaping, and a walking path with passive recreation.

Providing 60 units of housing ranging in size from three- to four-bedrooms, the buildings are a mix of townhouse and flat-style apartments. Three units are handicap-accessible, with the remaining units adaptable. One additional unit is also equipped for the hearing-impaired. All common spaces and amenities are fully accessible, as well as site grades, pathways and crosswalks. Handicap parking is also provided for each accessible unit.