Evergreen Day School

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When the Evergreen Day School had a chance to move from their windowless classrooms to a new, freestanding building they knew there would be some challenges. The new space, the former Sancta Maria convent, would need a major overhaul on a very tight budget and an even tighter schedule. Evergreen turned to the team of Davis Square Architects and ZVI Construction, who successfully met similar challenges on other recent childcare facility renovations. Incorporating extensive creative input from the Evergreen team, DSA crafted a design that exposed much of the existing structure of the building for a fun, bright interior that encouraged active play in a tight space. The layout incorporates garage doors and interior glazing to connect interiors with outdoor play spaces, and creates flexible space for both structured learning and more free-form activities.

The creative and pragmatic approach continued through construction, when owner, contractor and DSA worked closely to meet a tight schedule and deal with supply chain issues in order to open the school in time for a new academic year. The building now provides a sunny new home for Evergreen, allowing the school to continue its vital role in the community.