Leigh Cunningham


Leigh Cunningham joined Davis Square Architects as a designer in 2016. He brings experience and knowledge in construction and restoration, having previously worked on projects such as the gut renovation of a three-unit apartment block in South Boston, repairing homes that had been damaged by a burst pipe from the winter’s heavy freezing and snow. He is also skilled in rendering and 3-D modeling, as well as presentation design.

Leigh is currently working on 402 Rindge Avenue, a 273-unit occupied rehabilitation that will create a safe home for future and present tenants and includes a dramatic modernization of ground-floor amenities, in addition to a new community room, health and fitness center and computer café. Plumbing, masonry, window and ventilation repairs, in addition to accessibility improvements, are also focuses of the renovation.

Leigh is a recent graduate of the School of Architecture & Design in Belfast, Northern Ireland, receiving his Bachelor of Arts with Honors Degree in Architecture. He also has volunteered his talents in community design work, designing plans for a new clubhouse for the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) as well as creating posters, flyers and displays for events, and several crests, logos and kits for local teams.

School of Architecture & Design, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Bachelor of Arts with Honors Degree in Architecture, 2015

Genio è la pazienza eterno
(Genius is eternal patience)
— Michelangelo Buonarroti